Trains: Past and Present at Tullamore

steam train

The first trains to arrive into Tullamore were steam trains. The first train came in 1854. Above is a picture of a steam engine at Tullamore.

The next trains that arrived were Diesel trains. these were coloured orange and black. Here’s one going over Srah Bridge just on its way to Galway from Tullamore:

Diesel Train crossing over Srah Bridge

The latest trains to arrive into Tullamore are the new diesel trains which are coloured silver and green.

Here’s one leaving the station:

New diesel engine leaving station

Goods V Passenger Trains

There has been a big change in the type of train that is coming in to Tullamore station. In our interview with Mr. Joe Craig he told us about it. In his time, nearly all the trains were carrying goods and there was only one passsenger train in the morning and one in the evening. Nowadays there are 14 trains to Dublin each day and 11 trains to Galway. There are still a few goods trains that go through the station but most of them do not stop. The postal service used to use the trains to deliver parcels and letters but doesnt do that anymore.

Below is a picture of cement lorry picking up cement from the cement silo at Tullamore. The train beside the silo had deposited cement into the silo.

Lorry collecting cement from silo; goods train depositing cement to silo

There was an accident at the station where a train are some photos Joe brought in to show us..

Train derailment at Tullamore Station

Train derailment at Tullamore

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