6th Class Boys, Scoil Bhríde

28th May 2011
Boys our caterpillars have attached themselves to the lid
and are hanging down in a J shape. You’ll see them Monday.
Ms. Delaney

25th May 2011

So today we visited the station again and met Eoghan the current stationmaster and Charlie, a retired signalman who worked at the station for nearly 40 years.  The boys who are researching the history of the station interviewed Charlie, while the boys who are researching the station as it is today, went around the station with Eoghan.

We are hoping to get Charlie to come in and see us in our classroom soon and talk to us about the people he met and the unusual stories he has from his years working at the station.

After that, we are going to do a passenger survey and have a surprise in store for the passengers too! 😉

Keep checking back with us to see what it is!!

The Boys in Blue, Scoil Bhríde

March 2011:

Hello this is David and Luke from Scoil Bhride. Our school is across from the train station.

Trains always go in and out of the station. We like to play on the Xbox and ps3.

What games do you like?

See you in Galway .


Hi this is Evan ,Craig and Miks we are in sixth class and this is our first blog. Our school is found across  from the train station. I`m Evan i like to play soccer in our school yard.I`m Craig I like to play tennis. I`m Miks and i am from Latvia.


Hi we are Christopher, Arek, Patrick. This is our first blog. We are right across the road from our local train station. We can hear the trains coming into the station because we are so close to the station. Arek is from Poland same as Patrick but Christopher is from Ireland . We all like football  . We have food dudes in our school. We are eating fruit and vegetables to get prizes.


Hi this is Aaron and Conor and we are doing keep on track . We are in 6th class in Scoil Bhride . Our school is across the road from the train station.We both like sports our favourite subject is P.E and I.C.T. We are doing food  dudes in our school  we eat a bit of fruit and veg and we get a prize. We like eating crisps and  cola, we like movies. 


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