Since George Stephenson invented the Rocket, everyone has a ticket in their pocket.

Sitting in their cosy seats with all their luggage at their feet.

While the train is on the tracks, some people inside have snacks.

A train is better then a bus or a car, it can go very far.

The driver drives the big long train in any weather even in rain.

The adults like to read and sleep, while the children like to play,

And everyone will arrive somewhere at the end of the day!

 By: A. D.

Acrostic Poem using the word: Steam

Some are quick some are slow.

Trains are fun but sometimes scary.

Every day, people go on them.

Asleep in their carriages.

Making a journey to the station

 By A. G.

Acrostic Train poems


Trains are on train tracks.

Round, round and round

And inside trains there’s lovely snacks for you

Inside you’re sitting in your cosy seats.

Nice food coming to your seat.

 By N. O D


Trains go so fast

Raining or not

Annoying noises

Interesting facts

Nothing but a train

By A. F.



Trains racing up and down

Racing to collect the passengers

And you must have a ticket

In the train eating snacks

Noisy, noisy trains!

 By N.  M.



Travelling on a train is fun

Racing up and down the tracks makes me go to sleep fast.

All the people enjoying snacks

In and out the people go from county to county.

Now the journey is over

Oh I’m so sad

 By M. C.


To the station here I come.

Racing on the tracks

All the people eating snacks

In the train I fall asleep

Now the journey is over. That’s not fair!

by M. R M.

The Life of a Train

I am a big fast train puff, puff, puff!

I never get a break.

I am always on the run.

I never get a snooze or not even a wink.

The only time I get a break is when I have no fuel.

I am very tired!

By E. C.


The train is making sounds

Round and round the world

In and out go the people and the girls and boys                                               

Noisy, noisy trains

People holding their tickets in the air.

People getting on board.

by H O C and L F

A Steam Train               

I’m a steam train.

I go choo! Choo! Choo!

Huffing and puffing to the station

Collecting all the passengers as they settle in their seats

Racing fast along the tracks til their stop!                                       

 By N. L.

The Train Poem

Trains on a track make a lot of noise

Running and racing the people are so they don’t miss the train

A long time it is to get to your stop

I’m as fast as a bullet and faster then fast

No sleep for me till all my passengers are home safe. I won’t sleep no doubt.

By C. C.


Trains, trains, how wonderful you are

So much better than a car

You’re fast and fun and look like a bullet

All the people eating snacks on their way to work

The driver drives a big long train

The tickets are collected at the gate.

 By E. G.


 Trains in the stations.

Ready to go.

Anybody can hop on.

I am always ready.

Noisy noisy train I am!

by E. S.

Trains   on  tracks  

Trains on tracks making noises.

Running to the station.

Annoying children shouting and running.

In there seats eating snacks.

Noisy, noisy trains they are!

 By J. O.


 Steam all around the countryside                             

The driver drives the train

Everybody eating snacks

All the mums and dads are sleeping

Many passengers on the train

Anyone can go on the train

In the back preparing snacks

Noisy, noisy trains!!        

 By  J. C.


Trains are fast sunny or raining.

They always can help you

When you’re in a hurry.

They are noisy but I like them

I would love to have a train

And not a car!

                               By J.B.


Trains go choo choo and boo boo.

Riding fast away with people waving half of the way.

The trains go quick in a big, big hurry.

I love trains and when I go to Dublin my parents and I are in a very, very big hurry!

By M. G.


Trains are everywhere even in France.

Without trains you’d have no chance.

There’s trains in Dublin Trains in Meath

There’s trains under the sea not just for vip s!

By N. M.

The Steam Train

 I’m a big steam train

Chug a chuck, chuck.

Bringing my passengers day and night

At the end of the day all puffed out sleep tight little train I’m sure you will no doubt

By H.C.


Trains riding along the tracks

Racing up and down

All the people safely inside

Interesting things outside

Noisy train I am

So hope you enjoy your ride

 By H. C.


 I’m sitting in a train riding on the tracks.

The view is very nice from my seat.

The driver’s very nice.

I like to hear the horn blow

Now my trip is over I’ll come back some day.

 By T. B.  and N. M.

A Train Poem


Trains are on tracks.

Riding very fast like a little bullet.

In the train passengers eat snacks.

Trains are loud and noisy!

 By V. T.


Everyone on the train

Eating and playing

Having lots of fun.

When the train goes puff, puff, puff it is really funny.

When the train gets tired it can’t even stop!!!!

                      By Z. C.


Trains on the tracks

Riding very fast

Asleep in their carriages

In their carriages people eating snacks

Noisy , noisy trains they are!

By A. G.

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