Changes at the Station

 Changes by J. B.

The old trains were replaced with intercity rail cars which were bought in 2007

There is a plug socket beside every seat.

You can use a laptop with this.

There is full air conditioning on these new trains.

There is a PA system that tells you the station you’re coming up to.

There is a board display which shows where the train is approaching.

There are also special wheelchair facilities on the train.

The staffs’ uniform are designed to match the train.

There are new ticket machines called crouzet machines. These came from France.

crouzet machine

Intercity Railcar

Changes at the Station  by A.D. and E. G.

There are other changes in the station. There is new footbridge. This has a lift and a higher railing which makes it easier for people in wheelchairs and for older people to cross the bridge.  

Old Footbridge

New Footbridge


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