A Visit to the Station




PhotoStory2Our Visit to the Railway Station

Today Ms Dunne’s class went to the station

I was in a group of four with Molly, Zoe and Lucy. Molly and I were taking photos of the track and bridge while Zoe and Lucy were talking to customers and filling in a questionnaire. We had lots of fun when we went to staff only places like behind the desk. We learnt lots of things about the station. The station has been open for over one hundred and fifty seven years. We had a great day.

By J. H.

Our visit to the Railway Station by L.B.

We learnt lots of things when we visited the station.

  • The 1st railway station opened in 1854 that’s nearly 157 years.
  • The station won the station of the year award lots of times including this year.
  • The 150th anniversary for the station was in 2004.
  • A Return ticket is 19 euro from Dublin to Tullamore.
  • There are 3 places to buy tickets for the train from the two ticket machines and from the cashier at the desk.
  • A single ticket to Galway costs 20 euro and a return costs 36 euro.

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