Types of trains

Old vs. New

Old Trains

Old trains were a lot different than trains you would find at a train station now. They looked different, were powered differently, and were used for different things. Before trains were by coal, these are called ‘steam engines’. It was really hard work! Someone had to stay there all day and when the train driver gave the signal, the person had to shove coal into the fire. Trains weren’t really supposed to look nice on the outside back then, it was more important that they worked properly. Now trains are painted and decorated with logo stickers, and they look different than trains before. After a few years inside in 1st class, the trains got really fancy, they actually looked like an old home and the people could order food. It was really nice! I think old trains are really different than the new ones, but still I like old trains.

New Trains

I picked new trains because they are very modern and safe; they are powered by electricity or fuel. Long ago they used coal to power trains. This work was very exhausting! Now day’s trains can be used to bring people and goods to other locations. Not much people go on trains, because now there is Google Street View! Now we have computers and we use them to buy tickets online. Long ago people bought tickets in the train station .Long ago, the trains were powered by steam .Trains have changed lot’s since the last millenium. Now we have more access to these things.

How Trains Improved

In the olden days a lot of people used trains to travel and it took hard work to power up a train. They used coal to power up the train and created smoke. Today trains are powered by fuel or electricity. In the olden days people shoved themselves in and out of the train. Today people do not trains a lot to travel, some people use cars now. The man who invented the train decided to have a contest to see which train would work. A lot of people wanted to win but a lot of people had trouble along the way like: running out of coal or the train got out of control. Today trains are safe and comfortable, and that’s how trains improved!!!!

                                          Facts about the first train

1. The man who invented the train was named ‘James Watt’.

2. At first the train was a ‘steam machine’.

                                      The fastest train in the world/Japanese Trains

The ‘Maglev’ train in Shanghai, China is the fastest train in the world. Maglev is short for magnetic levitation. This train floats just above a magnetic rail. It can go at speeds of up to 430 kilometres per hour. Many trains are used commuters-people who travel into cities to work every day. In Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, 9 out of 10 workers travel to and from their offices by train.

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