Rail is a safe and efficient to move both people and goods. Moving goods via freight train reduces the number of large trucks on our congested highways. Riding a train is more than 23 times safer than travelling by car according to Washington state department of transportation.

 Trains are also safer than trucks, boats and planes. In a train the people who look after the station always know where you are because they are watching you on computers. Trains will rarely run out of things like diesel, steam and fire because they are very modern and efficient.


  1.  Don’t play on or near railroad tracks.

2.  Always listen to warning signs or signals.

3.  Never use train tracks as a short way to get somewhere.

4.  Only cross on a pedestrian crossing never on tracks.

5.  Remove headphones if near a train.

6. Talk to local people about railroad safety.

7. Look, Listen and (LIVEJ)


 The main danger of a steam train is that it could easily cause a fire because of its fire used to run the train. And the main danger of trains now is that they might cause an accident at a crossing by hitting a car.


1. It takes a train over one mile to stop.

2. A metra train weighs 5 times more than a hole NFL football team.

3. Some people call a train the iron horse.

4. It takes the same amount of time for you to change the song on an iPod That it takes a train to move 115 ft.


 To make it safe on a railway crossing there are lights to warn the car to stop because of the train coming.

 BY, M.S, M.C AND J.N.

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