St. Joseph’s National School, Ballyadams, Co. Laois

No this is not what our school looks like at present. This was the school building built in 1856 which was replaced in 1927. There were over 100 pupils in this school. The pupils and teachers certainly needed a new building. When they moved, the staff and pupils walked down the road to the school you can see in the next picture.

This building was first occupied in 1927. There were three classrooms in the building with large fireplaces in each room. The extension to the front of the building was added when Boley NS was closed and the two schools amalgamated. Our school colours are flying in this picture and these are also the colours of our local GAA club St. Joseph’s.  This building was refurbished and extended in 2006/2007. There were 72 children attending in 1999. There are now 180 pupils in the school and 11 teachers. We share some of our teachers with three other schools.

We are very proud of our lovely new school and this year along with a new classroom we added raised beds so that we could grow some vegetables. Our Board of Management and our parents are going to build us a new basketball court this summer. We have a lovely internal garden and Ayelet Lalor made a beautiful mosaic for the wall. Our 2nd Green flag is flying and our Green School’s Committee are very busy encouraging us to learn about water conservation. We held a very successful Water Action Day last month. We love sport and participate in the Cumann na mBunscol Laoise Football, Hurling & Camogie Championships. We also play Tag Rugby and go swimming. We are members of the Empowering Minds Group, participate in the K-Nex challenge and FÍS projects and enjoy sharing our work with other schools at exhibitions such as The HSA Primary Science Fair and the Robo Show.

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