Read all about Squeaks and his great train adventure on the Dublin-Galway line. Put your investigative skills to the test and try to figure out when  Squeak arrives in Galway! 

The Great Train Journey


Hi I am Squeaks. I’m a mouse who lives in a train station, Heuston Station in Dublin. Once I had a feast of food but now I do not have any at all because of the new cleaning woman. She cleans every bit of food off the ground. One Monday morning I decided to go on a train to see if I could find some. I was waiting behind a bin at the end of a long line of humans when the station master saw me. ‘WHISKERS!!!’ he called. ‘Whiskers, what kind of name is Whiskers?’ I thought. Then when I saw Whiskers running towards me I discovered that he was a CAT!!!

When he saw me I took off in a blink of an eye. I saw an evil look on his face. As I ran further and further more and more people saw me. I saw the staff room door open and I ran in. I saw a hole in the cupboard door. I climbed in and Whiskers shoved his paws in the hole. But before he stuck his paw in, I saw a hole on the top of the cupboard. I climbed up and out of the hole. I was on top of the cupboard. Then I saw cat food. I pushed the bag of cat food down on top of Whiskers. ‘MIAOW!!!’ Whiskers cried. ‘Ha ha!’ I called. I ran onto the platform and jumped through the first open door. The door nearly cut my tail off as it closed! It was 14.15. I crawled under a table. No one saw me the whole trip. (Gavin)

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Squeak’s Great Adventure


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