Squeaks’ Safety Tips

Safety on the Railway

Squeaks’ safety tips

In the station

  1. Stay behind the yellow line
  2. The platform is not a playground
  3. Keep all animals under control
  4. Please keep our station clean
  5. Only use the bridge to cross the tracks
  6. No pushing or shoving on the platform

Near railway lines

  1. Do not play near the railway line
  2. Do not walk on the railway line
  3. Keep all animals off the track (close gates after you)
  4. Do not throw rocks or stones at trains
  5. If you see animals on a railway line contact the emergency services

On the train

  1. Keep your feet on the floor 
  2. Keep the passageways clear of baggage
  3. No running through the carriages
  4. No shouting – there are other people on board

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