Check the Timetable: Dublin-Galway-Dublin

Check the Time Table: Dublin – Galway – Dublin

  1. If you leave Galway on the 08.05 train on Sunday at what time will you arrive in Dublin?
  2. The 05.05 train from Céannt Station stops at how many stations on its way to Dublin?
  3. If the 05.05 departed five minutes late at what time would it arrive in Athlone (1)?
  4. If you want to travel by train from Ballinasloe to Dublin on a Monday how many trains could you get?
  5. If you catch a train on Tuesday in Newbridge at 08.03 what time will you arrive in Dublin Heuston
  6. How many trains leave Galway Ceannt Station for Dublin on Sunday?
  7. If the 14.30 from Dublin to Galway was delayed in Portarlington for 45 minutes due to a signal problem, at what time would it eventually arrive in Galway?
  8. A passenger boards the Galway train in Kildare at 08.59 on Sunday morning. How many stations will they stop at before they arrive in Attymon?
  9. If you catch the 13.30 on Sunday from Heuston to Galway how long will your journey be?
  10. How long does it take to travel from Portarlington to Tullamore?

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