Acrostic Poems

Turn Left

Railways are fun

All Trains are cool

Chain trains are long

Kind workers at the station

by Christian

Trains are very big

Railways are very long

Away the train goes on its way

Clocks tick along the way

Keep the train on track

by Mia

‘He had an engine that he loved,

With all his heart and soul,

And if he had a wish on earth,

It was to keep it whole’

An extract from ‘The Railway Children’ by E. Nesbit

Trains are useful

Railway stations tell you when it’s time to go

Always wear your seatbelt

If you stand you may fall

Now you know the rules

by Peace

Trains are fast

Railway stations are very busy

Always stay off the track

I love going on the train

Never go on a train without your parents

by Mehetabal

Trains are fast

Running supersonic

Always be careful near the track

In the train

Nothing is scary

by Vlad

The Dublin train is really cool

Rail stations pass you by when you are on the train

All of us would like to go on the train

I love going on the train

New trains are really colourful

by Uchechi

Trains speed along the track

Railway people work hard

Always play safe on the train

I am going on a train to Galway

Never go on a train with a stranger

Staying on the train is relaxing

by Glory

Trains come in all shapes and sizes

Really make sure you are safe near the train

Always be on time when going on the train

In the train be good

Never go on a railway track

Say Hello if you see a train driver and make him smile!

by Alain

Trains are fun

Railway people work very hard

Anyone can go on a train

In the train you can sleep

Now the train is here. Choo Choo!!

by Jakub

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