Trip to the Monasterevin Station – Interesting Facts

On our trip to the station we learned so much! Thanks so much especially to  Noleen.


  • “The new models are slower than the older model as the engines are beneath the newer models. The trains with engines at the back go faster and are called push trains. “ Jordon and Dean


  • “There are six engines in one train” Cian


  • “The trains go as fast as 95 miles going through a station” Frank


  • “Older trains are called push pulls – from the back the engine at the back pushes from the front the engine pulls.” Owen Whelan 


  • “The new intercity trains come from Korea” Eimhin O’Reilly


  • “No steam trains pass through Monasterevin except in Tullamore at Christmas time” Evan Quinn


  • “If standing in front of the yellow line the train when passing through can suck you underneath.” Corrie


  • “The trains run on diesel” Tommy


  • “There are 30 regular uses of the train in Monasterevin” Frank


  • “When the wheels on the train need to be serviced they are taken to Portlaoise where a machine brings the train into the garage and changes the wheels and replaces brake pads. The brake pads are the same as a cars only much bigger. ” Dean Maher


  • “Around 150 trains pass through the station however only 10 stop.”  Jamie


  • “They use ballets (stones) on the track to keep everything in place”  Tommy


  • “ In the icy weather the signal person has to warn the train driver  if there is an icy patch on the track” Evan


  • “The signalman has two flags, a red one to signal danger and a green one to signal the train to go” Derin


  • “There are two workers in Monasterevin train station” Dean


  • “The station workers work in shifts from 6.30 to 14.30 and from 2.30 – 10.35.” Evan Quinn


  • “On the emergency button there is Brail so blind people can read it.” Dean O’Keefe


  • “On the yellow lines there are bumps to let people know who aren’t looking at the line that they are crossing it.”  Derin and Adam


  • “If you cut the engine in Hazelhatch the rain would have enough momentum to reach Heuston” Dean o’K


  • “If the emergency button is presses it will ring in the station office but if it is pressed repeatedly itt will ring through to Hueston” Evan Quinn


While at the station we also got to see many trains coming and going! Here comes one now!

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