School History

               History of St. Peters

Mr Proctor, our Current Principal has worked in our school for 34 years and is the best principal we ever had. Mr Proctor is very sick at the moment and we hope he gets better soon. Mrs. Bannon is  taking his place until he comes back.

The Christian Brothers came to Monasterevin in in 1869. They built a house, two classrooms and a small garden. In 1939 the new monastery was built were the brothers live now.

In 1969 the new boys’ school was built, a hundred years after the Christian Brothers came to the town.

The site for our present school was bought from Lord Drogheda with the help of Mr. R.E. Cassidy by Mr.Mark Keegan. It was leased for 900 years.

We have eleven teachers today, but in 1972 there were only five teachers on the staff.

Our School plays an important part in community life when it comes to Gaelic Football. The school has won at least 17 Football trophies and hold 3 Gaelic football titles from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. We’re hoping for another this year. We have great Gaelic footballers and managers today in the school. Mr Leonard and Mr Cullen are putting in the best they can for us to win this year. There are around 23 on the panel.

In the 2007Cumann na mBunscoil, our school won one Gaelic title and we made it to the quarters and the semi’s in 2008 and 2009.

By Conor Ryan & Corrie Brereton.

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