Day 1

The End  of a long day, we left Dublin Airport at 12.30 p.m.  for a 2 hour flight to Frankfurt, which arrived on time. we then had almost 2 hours to wait before our next flight to Moscow, which got in  to Moscow at 11pm local time. We waited a long time for baggage to come through and then we had further delays at immigration before waiting for our taxi to come. Then after getting to his car we had to travel for 40 minutes to the hotel.


 We met another Irish teacher at the airport Doreen McHale from Bray. She is also travelling to Moscow for the Forum. Her project is also based on a  blog and you can learn all about it at . She also has a mascot and you can see him in the picture below with our 2 representatives. Frankfurt is a really big airport, it looks a lot bigger than Dublin airport. See the picture here also.

I also have a photo of the outside of the airport in Moscow at night. It is called Domodedovo, can you see how the letters are written differently here in Russia. Does anyone know the type of alphabet used?

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