Work of a signalman.

This is a signal bell used in the past, the box was wound to create a currant and then 6 bells meant danger and 7 meant examine the railway line. These pictures were taken at the Irish Railway records society at Heuston Station.

Click on images to see larger view. 

The late Mr Tom Brennan, worked at Kildare station and at Cherryville Junction 2 miles west of Kildare. One of his jobs was to pass the staff on to the train on the line between Cherryville and Athy. As this was a single track only one train could travel on the line at a time. There were two Instruments one at Cherryville and one at Athy .There was only one staff. If the train didn’t have a staff it could not pass. This was a very responsible job . 

This is a picture of two instruments for holding a staff. Taken from a display in Irish Railways Society

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