Visit to station

Today, June 2nd we visited our station. We met Rita Butterly of Irish Rail along with other members of Iarnród Éireann. We waved at alot of passing trains at our three track station. We interviewed passengers. Robyn took videos on our flip video while others asked the questions. We were lucky to be allowed on one of the waiting commuter trains. We went inside the control cabin in turns and the driver explained all the controls to us. We all got a turn at sounding the horn which was very loud. We could see the drivers screens which monitored the working of the train like the brakes, lights and doors. Some of us were very excited to be allowed walk through the carriages as a few of the girls had never been on a train before. Paddy, who was on duty at the station introduced us to John O’Brien who showed us the big machines that detect problems along the track and maintain the line. John has worked on the lines for 38 years and we also interviewed him. We really enjoyed our day at the station and we are now looking forward to our train journey to Galway for the launch of our keep on track project next week.

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