Trains And The Environment

Today people are very concerned about climate change.

Many people are now choosing to travel by train because

it is better for the environment than flying or driving.

In our school, we know all about climate change and ways to

reduce our carbon footprint because we are a green school since 2000.


Travel and transport is an important part of Green Schools.

                                       Did you know ?:

 Rail travel produces half the carbon emissions of car travel and a quarter

of that of air travel. Carbon emissions produced by humans are one of

the main causes of climate change. Modern trains produce less carbon

emissions than the older trains which has helped to reduce the train’s

carbon footprint by 5% in the past year and 25%  in the past ten years.

Train companies are committed to reducing carbon emissions and have

schemes in  place to make train travel ‘greener’ like brake regeneration .

This is when electric trains return energy to the power supply when the

train driver brakes. The train companies that use this scheme have

saved 20% on the power needed to make trains run. Other train companies

are also doing things like training train drivers to drive in a way that saves

energy, recycling rubbish left on trains by passengers and cutting down on

food packaging on trains. All of which helps to make train travel greener.


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