SPHE-Railway Safety

Railway Safety

This is a picture of a very old Railway gate near the Curragh Race course with a WARNING NOTICE 

  • Never trespass on Irish Rail property
  • Never lean or sit on a railway bridge
  • Don’t walk across the tracks or along the tracks
  • Always stand behind the yellow line when waiting for a train
  • When getting off a train wait until the train is at a standstill
  • Remove headphones when near trains
  • Be careful when crossing level crossings
  • Make sure to close unattended gates
  • Be aware of the vibration of trains

Interesting fact

There was a train crash at Harcourt St. Station, Dublin, on St. Valentine’s Day 1900.

There was a crash between a train and a car at an unmanned level crossing in Galway on Valentine’s Day 2011.

However train travel is the safest and most efficient form of transport but always remember to read and obey railway warning signs.

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