Science-Magnetic Trains

In science we designed and made magnetic trains. Two groups made carriages using blocks in the shape of cuboids and two groups used painted tissue boxes .

We designed a locomotive using a pringle container and card.

OTHER EQUIPMENT WE USED – old spools, rods, small triangles, hot glue gun, hacksaws, puncher and blu tack. 

ACTIVITY: Using a hot glue gun we stuck four triangles with punched holes to each box. We put two rods through the holes to make axles putting on spools for wheels. To keep the wheels in place we put blue tack on the outside.

We experimented with magnets and discovered:

  • That some repel and others attract
  • Some magnets are stronger than others
  • That magnets could pull the carriages along
  • That placing magnets inside the carriage attracted the magnets on the outside.

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