Our Railway Bridges

In the 6th century Kildare became a place of pilgrimage when St Brigid founded her church beneath an oak tree. Twelve pilgrim roads led to Kildare. This is still evident today. When looking at maps we notice that twelve major roads converge on the town of Kildare from all directions.

On the 23rd of February our teacher took us on a town trip to locate these roads .We discovered that six of these roads have narrow bridges so narrow that two of them are now one way with traffic lights. Five of the bridges are built over the railway lines and one under the railway line.


Standing under the Dunmurray Bridge.

This is a very busy road. When this bridge was built there was no foot path.Its now a traffic light operated one way system with a foot path. There is a height restriction of 3.27m.


In this photograph taken by Ger Molloy, Kildare Town you can see the old road bridge, the Kilcumney bridge on South Green Road and the Green Road Bridge all only metres from eachother.

A lot of hard work went into the building of these attractive cutstone bridges at a time when there was no machinery. 

Widening or raising of the Kilcumny bridge in recent years.

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