Questionnaire designed by pupils for our interviews at Hazelhatch station

The History of Hazelhatch                        Questions

1.In which year did Hazelhatch open?

2.How long did it take to build?

3. Who funded the building of the station?

4.Who manufactured the trains for Hazelhatch back in the 1800s?

5. How many people were employed at the station when it opened and what were the jobs they did?

6.When it first opened, where did the trains travelling through Hazelhatch  go to and come from?

7.Who was the first station-master?

8.What qualifications did you need to be station-master in the 1800s?

9.How much did a station-master earn?

10.When it first opened, what  was the cost of tickets for each class?

11.How did those employed at the station communicate with the train driver?

12.Was there a noticeable decrease in train use when cars were invented?

13.During which years did the station close and for what reason?

14.Were you allowed to carry luggage on the train?

15.Was food served on the train?

16.Describe a first class carriage. (Get a photo or sketch if possible)

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