Letter to Cathal in Moscow from Primrose Hill N.S.

Hi Cathal,

Jocelyn found out that people who come from Moscow are called MOSCOVITES. Dearbhla discovered that Moscow is 2.5 hours ahead of us in Ireland.

Taran says the currency is the Russian rouble, with kopek the coin denomination. Michael tells us that Moscow is the most highly populated city on the European continent, with over 10 million inhabitants, and Lauren found out that it is the 7th most populated city in the world! Jack says the population density is 8,537.2 people per square kilometre.

In terms of its climate, Andrew says that the average temperature in Moscow is 5.8 degrees celcius and Gareth found out that Russia has only two seasons, winter and summer, the average highest July temperature is 21.7 degrees celcius and the average lowest July temperature is 12.8 degrees celcius.The average highest January temperature is -6.1 degrees celcius and the average lowest January temperature   is -11.7 degrees celcius.

According to Lauren, the highest temperature recorded in Moscow is 38 degrees celcius, and the lowest is -42 degrees celcius. Brrrrrrrr!

The average rainfall in July is 8.13cms and the average in December is 4.32cms.

The co-ordinates for Moscow are 55⁰ N and 38⁰ E. We have just learned about longitude and latitude in Geography.

The patron saint of Moscow is St.George, so watch out for a statue or a church dedicated to him and send us a photo if you find one Cathal!

Daniel tells us that the Moscow flag is red with a knight in the centre and we are wondering if the knight is indeed St.George? Maybe you can find out for us.

In relation to transport, Cameron found out that Moscow has 9 main train stations, all close to the city centre, according to Lauren and tickets are cheap so a lot of people use the trains as a mode of transport. Have you used the train system yet? Cameron tells us that the Moscow Metro is the quickest and cheapest way to get around Moscow. Is it all underground?

Robbie and Daniel are football fans and they knew that Moscow has at least two football teams, -CSKA Moscow and Spartak Moscow.

Have you noticed the Moskva river flowing through the city? Do they have modes of water transport such as water taxis, gondolas, ferries, barges, amphibious buses, ribs?

According to Jack, Christmas Day is celebrated on January 7th, with presents coming from Father Frost, not Father Christmas, Emily adds.

This is probably enough to be going along with Cathal!

Talk to you soon,

Liz and pupils of 5th and 6th class in Primrose Hill N.S.

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