History of Hazelhatch station, Celbridge.


Hazelhatch Station was opened in 1846. The building of the station was funded by Great Southern and Western Railway. The architect who designed the station was called Sancton Wood. He had previously won the competition to design Heuston Station (which was then called King’s Bridge). Hazelhatch was designed in an Elizabethan style.

The early trains came in from Liverpool and Manchester, but they started building them in Inchicore in the 1850’s. The line originally went to Carlow, but eventually went to Cork and Waterford as well.

To become a station master you had to work your way up through the station positions. You had to be able to read and write. Being a station master was considered prestigious and respectable. If you were a station master you got a house to live in beside the station, although you had to give it up when you retired.

Here is a list of the previous station masters in Celbridge:

Mr Mooney

Tom Collins

Jimmy McGarry

After Jimmy McGarry, Hazelhatch did not have its own station master. The current station master is station master of Heuston as well as Hazelhatch. His name is Tony Doran.

These are the signalmen:

Jack West

Christy Holohan

Christy Byrne

Ned Murphy

A signalman signalled to the station when trains were coming.

Hazelhatch Station closed in 1947 to passengers and opened again in 1994.

by Emily and Dearbhla, 6th class.

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