Haiku Poems

These are our Haikus! Hope you like them!


Across the footbridge

Rushing to the steam engine

Choo-choo just in time.

                                By F

The station master

Is the big boss of the place

The railway and trains

                        By D

Bored at the station

Wait for this wonderful beast

Chug-chug here it comes

                        By M

The train rushes by

Not stopping at this station

Maybe at the next.              

                                     By D

I breathe in the smoke,

I must keep shovelling coal,

This job is tiring.

By D!!!!!

Stand on the platform,

Evacuees around me,

Last glimpse of my home.

By E

The wind in my face

The smell of coal in my nose

The sheep in the fields

                                                   A 5th class

On the train I get

I’m just in time to board it

Can’t wait to arrive

                                                 T 6th class

Running and racing

I’m breathless on the platform

Train arrives at nine

                                                    G 6th class

On the shuttle bus

I reach the station in time

Ready for the train

                                               R 5th class

Orient Express

Across Asia and Russia

It takes seven days

                                               J 6th class

I enjoy my job

I am the Fat Controller

The steam engine goes by

                                                     J 6th class

                       Sitting on the train

                       Looking out the wet window

                       Feeling blue as you

                                              H 6th class

The train went quickly,

Down the track so noisily,

Better catch it fast.

                                  Choo-Choo J 5th class

Do not take a chance                                          

Keep behind the yellow line                           

Now I hear the train                                                                 

 C 5th class

Running really fast

The wind is whistling by me

The train’s here at last.

                                                     C 5th class

Joy flowing through me.

Speedy train arrives at last.

On the we go.

                                                   J 5th class

Waiting for the train

Loud and proud as it trundles by

At the speed of light

                                                              J 5th class

On the big platform

Watching for trains going by

Some day so will I.

                                                    L 5th class

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