Literacy: Stories and oral language


We are learning a lot about different types of trains.  We have been talking about diesel trains, electric trains and steam trains.  Here are some of the train books we have read this week.  Now we are all helping teacher by bringing in books about trains, and models of trains from home.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Our class is involved in the Keep on Track train project at  We are learning songs and rhymes about trains, playing train games in PE, and even reading like trains.  Fist of all we play a phonic or word list loop game.  (One player calls out “I have pet, who has ten?” and the person with the word “ten” keeps the game moving in the same way.)  Once the game has been played and the cards are laid out in order, in the shape of a train track, we read then at a train pace – starting very slowly and then getting quicker and quicker and slowing down at the end.  We like the rhythm of this game.

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