Visit from a civil engineer

Paul who works withthe LUAS came to our school and taught us a lot about the structures used by the LUAS. It was really interesting and we even got to hold a piece of the track. Thanks Paul!

What did we learn?

–        To build a track of ten kilometres it takes up five years.

–        There are six countries that have the Luas they are Australia, England, Ireland, America, Brazil and France.

–        Professor Simon Barry brought the up the idea to bring the Luas to Ireland.

–        To be an engineer on the Luas you have to go to college for four years.

–        The top speed of the Luas is 70mph

–        .A full carriage can hold 350 passengers.

–        The Luas weighs 1 and ½ tones.

–        Architect planners and designers work with the Luas.

–        On the Luas there are two control rooms one at the back and front so if it’s going back to a new stop or to the very first stop.

–        It costs around 297 million euro to build the tracks of a bridge for the Luas.

–        340 electricity bolts are used to power the Luas . The initials R.P.A stand for the Railway Procurement Agency that runs the Luas.

–        There are five gears on the Luas .

–        Luas is the Irish word for speed.

–        The Luas carries 19 million passengers a year.

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