Our library visit and some photos

We went to our local library in Ballymun and gathered lots of good books on rail in Ireland and around the world the staff were really helpful. Here are some of the books and their names and some photos.

Iarnóid Éireann by Tom Ferris ISBN 0-7110-3231-9

The Irish Narrow Gauge by Norman Johnston ISBN 1-904242-13-8

Channel Tunnel by Francis Kochert ISBN 0-7502-1485-6

The Great Big Book of Trains by Brian Hollingsworth

ISBN 0-86101-919-9

The Irish Narrow gauge by Tom Ferris ISBN 0-85640-517-5

19th Century Railway Station by Fiona McDonald and John James ISBN 0-7500-0215-8

Steam Railways of the World by Patrick Whithouse ISBN 1-871980-16

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