Technology & Trains

Technology and the Railway


How computers have changed the way we use the railway:



In the Station:     

Notice boards:  Notice boards are computer operated so they are clearly visible and are constantly being updated. An intercom system is used to help visually impaired people.

Signals: Computer controlled signals have made train travel better because it’s more accurate and it makes it safer.

Ticket machines: Ticket machines save time, they provide a 24hr service and there is less staff needed. This means Irish rail have more money to spend on other things.

C.C.T.V: C.C.T.V makes passengers feel safer in the Station and in the trains.

On the Train:       



Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is  great if you want to surf on the internet or finish some of your work.

Sockets:  The sockets on the trains can be used to charge your phone or your laptop.

Electric doors: Electric doors are a great invention because you don’t have to pull the door all you have to do is press a button.

Timers: Timers are used to tell when the trains or Luas trams will be in the station

Technology has also helped to improve:

  1. Tracking, scheduling, monitoring and reporting railway traffic.

2. Design of railway track systems and railway vehicles.

3. Managing railway constructions projects.

4. pricing and ticketing, 

5. Accounting and financial controls.

6. Statutory records and reports.

7. Financial reports and taxation requirement.

8. Staff records and payroll.

9. Recording and tracking movement of goods.

  1. Accident and incident records.
  2. Daily operation, monitoring lines and enabling control of signal and track switching.


By: The Gonnies

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