Sean Heuston

Born: 21/2/1891                             location of birth: 24 lower Gloucester street,Dublin

Died: May 8, 1916                                              

At the age of seventeen he joined the Great Southern and Western Railway Company as a clerk and was stationed in Limerick for six years.    In 1913 he was transferred to Dublin by the GSWR and assigned to the traffic manager’s office at Kingsbridge Railway station (now Heuston station). He continued his work with Fianna Éireann where he met Con Colbert and Liam Mellows, both prominent in the organisation. He was promoted vice-commandant of the Dublin Brigade and also became director of training. Heuston joined the Irish Volunteers soon after their formation in November 1913, eventually becoming a captain in Ned Daly’s 1st Battalion. He worked hard with his company, organising marches and field manoeuvres, fostering a spirit of commitment and camaraderie, and procuring arms and equipment by purchase and any other means at his disposal. On Easter Monday he was assigned command at the Mendicity Institution, a building on the south side of the river Liffey, to the west of the Four Courts where Daly and the 1st Battalion were based. Seán Heuston was tried by court-martial and sentenced to death. He was executed on 8 May. At twenty-five years and two months, he was the youngest of those executed. He was unmarried. He was survived by his mother and his brother Michael, then a student for the priesthood at the Dominican Priory, Tallaght.

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