Follow up Questions

We had some more questions for Sean. Below you can see the emails between us:

Good morning Sean!

This is the students from 2nd, 3rd and  4th class again!

Thank you so much for your email and all of the photos! The photos are really cool!

We loved the marching band in front of the engine!!

Was it difficult for the crane to balance, with the A55 on it?

We were wondering what is a staff? Is it like St. Patrick’s staff?

Did they weld the engine to the metal in the ground?

We are looking forward to speaking to Billy Henshaw, the train driver on our school, phone this afternoon. We will put him on loudspeaker and record it for podcast!

Thanks so much for all of your help!

2nd, 3rd and  4th class, St. Augustine’s N.S, Clontuskert.

Dear All,

It was not difficult, the engine was removed and as you may see from the web the engine room I turned into a carriage of a train. I have enclosed a picture of a staff. It is a bit like the traffic lights on the road, it is connected to a staff instrument between the two stations and the station you  are heading out release  it to you, one may only one may be removed at the one time, both staff instruments become locked and the driver may not proceed without this he hands it the signal man at the next station he puts it back in the instrument this allows another  to be released from either station.

The example below is from Ballyconnell to Belturbet the famous narrow gauge, closed in 1959.

The engine is on a set of Railway Tracks same as in a Station.,please ask Billy Henshaw about the staff to see what he has to say.

Delighted to help,


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