Billy Henshaw Conference Call

We had a conference call with Train Driver Billy Henshaw. We rang him and put him on Speaker Phone so we could all hear. We asked him lots of questions. Below are all of our questions and after that we will show you what we learned!

Hello Billy,

This is 2nd, 3rd and 4th class from St. Augustine’s N.S, Clontuskert. We are so excited that you have agreed to talk to us today! We have been doing lots of work on trains in class. Last week we visited Ballinasloe Train station and interviewed the station master, Peter Caulfield and we also spoke to Tom Earls.

Mrs. Murray has told us that you worked in Ballinasloe during the October Fair. We learnt about the train station and the October Fair yesterday. We read a chapter from the book, Fifty Years in Railway Life by Joseph Taltoe. He said that in 1891 that 43 stock carriages came through the station for the fair. Were there as many in your time?

When did you start working for the trains and

What was your favourite train to drive?

What was the first train that you drove?

Was there a dead man’s pedal on a steam engine?

How many different types of trains did you drive?

Did you prefer steam or diesel engines?

Were you ever involved in an accident on the train?

How long was your day and did you get many breaks?

We looked at a DVD today of the 150 year anniversary celebrations. Were you on the special train from Athlone to Galway?

Did you ever have any famous passengers?


Mr. Henshaw, thank you so much for speaking to us here in Clontuskert today. We are delighted that you were able to answer all of our questions. Thanks so much!

Billy Henshaw


Today we were talking to Billy Henshaw on the phone. We asked Billy ten questions. He worked in Athlone Train Station. He was 16 years old at the time and now he is 85 years old.

My question was that we looked at a DVD today of the 150th year anniversary celebrations. I asked him if he was you on the special train from Athlone to Galway?

He said that he had been on holidays when it happened, unfortunately!

He loves Trains. Everyone enjoyed it.

By Little Star

Billy Henshaw


Today we talked to Billy Henshaw on the phone. Billy is 85 years old. When Billy was 16 years old he started work as a cleaner at the station and worked his way up to be the driver. He said that he drove eight different diesel trains and seven different Steam Trains. He said there was no dead man’s pedal on the Steam Train

By Lightning Star

Billy Henshaw


Today at half one we rang Billy Henshaw to talk to him about trains. He has a very good personality. He is 85 years old. We had lots of questions for him. Here are some of the questions and his answers;

What is your favourite train to drive? The new engine ones for diesel.

Have you ever been involved in and accident on the train? Yes, when I was driving steam engines you had 60 carriages of barrels to bring so you had to drive really slow, then at one point a bunch of lads used to jump on and take some of the barrels and roll them away and sell them so I was focusing on them when the next thing I ran straight into a wall. I put my foot on the brake. There was no real damage.

After we were finished asking questions we thanked him and said goodbye.

By Eggbert

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