Train Timetables from Galway to Dublin

Galway Dublin Timetable

Today we are looking at the Galway to Dublin train timetable. In 3rd and 4th class we are making out some difficult questions on the timetable for 5th and 6th class. We have to work out the answers ourselves too.

If you would like to do some of the questions we will put them up here for you to try. Good Luck and let us know how you get on!


1.  What’s the last time on Sunday that I can get from Galway to Dublin on Sunday?

2. What’s the last time from Cellbridge to Dublin on Sunday?

3. Whats the last time from Clara to Dublin on Monday to Saturday?

4. How much time does it take to get from Athenry to Kildare on the 2nd train of the day?

5. How long does it take to Ballinasloe to Monasterevin ?

6. How long does  it take to get to Galway from Dublin on a train?

7. There were ten men and five women on the train. Four men got off in Galway and two women got off in Dublin. How many were left on the train?

8. Laura needs to be in Galway station at 12.30am. She lives in Dublin. It will take her an hour and a half to get to Galway. She left at 10.30am. Will she be there in time?

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