Drama at the Train Station

We did a lesson last week in 2nd, 3rd and 4th class in Drama on visiting the Train Station.
We acted out this first with our partners and then made up our own dramas.

Student 1 Traveller : Good morning. I’d like a ticket to Galway, please.
Student 2 :Ticket Office: Single or return?
Student 1:Return please, second class. When is the next train?
Student 2: There’s an InterCity that leaves at 8:26, but you have to change at Athlone. There’s an express that goes straight through at 9:10.
Student 1: Oh I don’t want to change trains. How much is the 9:10 one please?
Student 2:When will you be returning?
Student 1: Later today.
Student 2 :Well a day return will only cost you 24 euro.
Student 1: Great. I’ll take it. What platform does the train leave from?
Student 2: Platform 2.

We filmed it on the ITouch and then edited each one using Windows Live Movie Maker.
See what you think of our work!!

English drama

Drama English

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