Visiting Ballinasloe

We visited Ballinasloe Station on Monday the 23rd of May 2011. Peter Caulfield, Station Master of all of the Galway Stations met us there. Tom Earles was also there to greet us. These are some of the questions we made up to ask them.

1. Station History
2. Rail Safety; Rail Bridges
3. Modern Station
4. Commuters
5. Rolling Stock, Infrastructure
6. Peter Caulfield Interview
7. Workers in the station

1. Station History

1. What would you do if someone fell?
2. How many people have fallen in the train station?
3. Did anyone ever fall on the train track when a train was coming?
4. Why is the yellow line there?
5. Has any of the staff ever fallen on the track?
6. Is the barrier automatic?
7. How do you know if a train is coming?
8. Do you have to wear any special clothes for safety?
Rail Bridges:
1. When was the new bridge built?
2. When was the old bridge built?
3. Did anyone ever slip or fall on the bridge?
4. Why are they needed?
5. What are they built from?
6. What is the difference between the old & new bridge?
7. Who built the old & new bridge ?
8. How long did it take to build the old & new bridge?

View from the Signal Box

3. Modern Station
1. How do they send the signals?
2. Is it computerised, or is it done by a person?
3. What’s different from the old station?
4. What new things have you got recently?
5. How many passengers fit into one carriage?
6. Is there an odometer on a train?
7. How many trains pass through the station a day?
8. How many awards have you won for the station?
9. Did any part of the train station collapse?
10. How many computers have you in the station?
11. Is the ticket handed out by person, or by computer?

4. Commuters:
1. Is there certain commuters that come often?
2. How many commuters pass the train station a day?
3. How many commuters fit on a train?
4. Are many commuters go to work or school?
5. Where do commuters travel most?
6. Why do you call people who travel on trains commuters?
7. How much do commuters pay to get on a train?
8. How much is a commuter ticket to Dublin or Galway?

On our way into the station

5. Rolling Stock, Infrastructure:
1. Do you have any trains or carriages here?
2. Do you have any old trains here?
3. What types of rolling stock do you have?
4. Do you keep any spare specific trains or carriages?
5. What type of rolling stock do you have here?
6. Do trains have sheds or are they kept outside.
7. Do you have a maintenance man or team?
8. Is there a maintenance train?
9. What type of infrastructure is there here?
10. Where do you fix the trains?

This is a photo Sean Browne sent us. It is a Locomotive called ‘Ballinasloe’. It is on it’s way to Cavan.

6. Peter Caulfield Interview

1. How long have you worked in the Ballinasloe station?
2. How long have you been a train station master?
3. How long is your day at the station?
4. What train stations are you boss of?
5. What responsibility do you have as boss?
6. Did you grow up beside a station?
7. Did any of your relatives work at train stations?
8. Did you always want to work with trains?
9. What is your favourite thing about trains?
10. What was your first job with trains?

7. Interview Questions for Workers in Station: Tom Earles

1. How many people work in the train station?
2. Do you need more people for certain days?
3. How many permanent people work in the station?
4. How long is a shift?
5. How long are you working in the station?
6. How did you get your job?
7. Do you like your job?
8. Do you like your job?
9. Who is the longest working here?
10. When station first opened was there a person working in the tower?
11. What do you have to wear when you’re working in the station?

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