Ballinasloe Train Station

Ballinsloe Train Station is a small rural station on the Mainline between Athlone and Galway Ballinasloe is a manned station. (This means that people work there!) There is a staff of 3 Hault Keepers. About 140 passengers pass through the small station every day.
The station celebrated 150 years of service in 2001. We watched a video that showed the Athlone to Gawlay celebrations of the 150 years. They had a special train going from Athlone to Galway and it stopped in Ballinasloe. The station is built from limestone from the local area of Balliansloe.

These are the answers to some questions we asked in class:
1. What does it mean to be a manned station?
It means people work at the station

2. How many passengers pass through the station every day?
About 140 passengers.

3. How old is the station?
The station is 160 years old.

4. How many trains pass through Ballinasloe station everyday?
16 trains pass through Ballinasloe station everyday.

5. What happened in 2006?
Iarnród Eireann awarded Ballinasloe the Most Improved Station in Ireland.

6. Describe some of the modern facilities in the station;
There are wheel chair lift and wheel chair ramps. On a daily basis 16 trains stop in Ballinasloe.

7. When was Ballinasloe station built?
Ballinasloe station was built in 1851.

These are some photos we took at the station:

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