Science – K’nex Engineering

The class were shown images of railway engines and then had to design their own engine. They were put working in pairs and each group had to come up with a name for their engines. Below are some pictures of the boys working in groups:

Now, in their own words, the boys will describe what they did and how they came up with the names for the engines:

The Flame Steamer

We came up with the name the “Flame Steamer” because it burns coal and steam comes out

I built the main part of the train. I built the sharp edge out of the side.

Our train is a model of the new trains. It has a flat top to push the wind back.

The Speedy Steamer

We came up with the name”Speedy Steamer” by mixing an old train with a new train. It looks like a new train but it is powered by steam!

The person on the right built the base of the engine and the top of the carriage. The person on the left built the top of the engine and base of the carriage.

Our train looks like a new train but it is steam powered. We decided not to have the rubber on the wheels because trains dont have tyres.

Da Unbeatable


This is a picture of us working together on the train. We decided to call it “Da Unbeatable” from the film “Unstoppable.”

We decided that I would do the engine piece and my partner would do the carraige. We attempted to ‘pimp’ it up a bit. As you can see there’s only one carraige attached to it.

This is a picture of our train called “Da Unbeatable.”

The Boys School Express

We picked the name “The Boys School Express” because we are from the Boys School Athenry.

We made this kind of train because it is one of the new trains and we like the new trains better. I built the  bottom bit and my friend built the top bit.

We built this train because it’s our favourite train. It is the first carraige and it has no other carraiges because it goes faster with out them.

Meter Train

We came up with the name of the train by combining our two name’s. The name of the train is the “Meter train”. This is a picture of us thinking about what to build.

My partner and I decided to build an old train. We had already built it before so it was easy to build it again. We didn’t use carraiges because we didn’t have enough time.

We started building the front first, then we built the top and bottom. After that we built the sides and at the end we attached the wheels and it was finished.

The Athenry Express

While we were making our train we thought it looked like the “Hogwarts Express” so we called it the “Athenry Express”. It sounded good so we stuck to it.

We worked our way from the engine to the carraiges. I built the engine and half of the middle carrages while my partner built the other half of the middle carraige and the last carraige. This is the finished product.

We made one of the old train’s which runs on coal which would be stored in the back carraige. Passengers would be in the middle carraige. We had a lot of fun making this.

Steam Train Willie

We came up with this name because it was a cool name and it represented the type of train we built.

One of us was thinking up the idea and the other one was building

Our train is like a pyrmaid on the top and a train engine on the bottom. It is an old fashioned type of train.

The Freight Box

Ours is called “The Freight Box”. It is called the Freight Box because its shaped like a box and it is designed to bring cargo.

This is a picture of our train that we made together.

We made a steam train because we like steam trains. It is a cargo train, it is not supposed to bring anything else other than cargo.

The Steaming Coal

Our first picture was when we were building the train. We decided to call the steam engine “Steaming Coal”.

One of us built the bottom of the train while the other built the top part of the steam engine. We put six wheels on the steam engine.

We decided to build a steam engine train because we will always remember the olden days when they shovelled coal into a furnace to get the steam engine powered up and running.


Here we are coming up with the name of our train. We called it “Smokey” because it is an old steam engine train.

Here we are holding up “Smokey” our train. We started building the engine first and then we built the wheels. After that we added other pieces in.

This is an old steam engine train. We decided to make this because we think old trains are cool. It took a while to find pieces to fit perfectly. But after we built the engine part it was easy. It was cool to get to build trains out of k’nex.

Betsey the Banger

This is our train. We got the name from an old tv show one of us saw. “Betsey the Banger” was one of the characters.

This is our train. We made it like the character in the tv show. I made the wheels and the under part of it. My partner made the top and the front section

This is our finished product. It was great fun working with k’nex and you can make almost any thing with them.

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