I enjoyed drawing my picture because the train likes to bring people around all over the country and it brings people to where they want and it can take you long distances like from Galway to Dublin and Belfast to Cork and Kerry to Donegal. I like Keep on track. Ronan

My picture is about a train going from Galway to Dublin . I enjoyed doing the picture because it was fun and it was interesting to see all the different ideas that people came up with. Ronan [2]

My logo is about a new train travelling to Dublin.I enjoyed drawing my picture because i’m interested in art and i would like to see evryone else’s ideas. Keith

My picture is about the sun setting and one train going to Dublin and another going to Galway. It was so much fun to see other pictures and it is so much fun. Darragh

My picture is about the railway in Athenry. All the people that go on the train from Galway to Dublin. Also it was easy to draw and it was a simple idea. I like the heading “Keep on Track”! I liked looking at other people’s picture’s. It was great fun! Matthew

I enjoyed the Keep on Track operation with my friends in school. Trains can go North or South of Ireland. Matthew [2]

I liked drawing the railway tracks because it wasn’t very hard at all. The train however was a little more difficult. I coloured it with nice,bright colours. Its about a new going from Galway to Dublin. I really enjoyed doing this picture! Matthew [3]

My picture is about a carraige going past the gates in Athenry and then there is a plane flying over saying ‘Keep on Track .’ I think this project is very good because you get to work with your friends and get to learn about the stations between Galway and Dublin. Patrick

My picture is of a old steam train. I enjoyed drawing the picture because I like drawing pictures and I think trains are interesting.  Patrick [2]

My picture is about train thats supposed to be on the track but its on the road. I enjoyed doing it. Dominik

My picture is about a train going to Dublin from Galway .In the picture the train is coming out of a tunnel and into a station.I enjoyed this project with my freinds because it was great fun. Briain

My picture is about a train going from Galway to Dublin. It is one of the new trains. I wrote down  ‘you wont have to look back’ because it rhymed with Keep on Track. Thats what my keep on track picture is about. Michael

My picture is about Harry Potter who says a spell ‘Abra ka dabra Keep on Track’ and then a train comes out of his wand and goes from Galway to Dublin. Ron is flying on his broom over the train.   Piter

My picture is of the new trains because I see the new trains when I walk home everyday. I put lots of detail into the picture like the stones on the track and the little dots for the words. I am really enjoying the keep on track programme because I really like trains. Manus

I drew this picture about coal trains . There is a coal carraige on it . I enjoyed doing these pictures . We have to go on a trip to Galway. Everyone did different pictures and it was cool to see everyone’s picture . Jevon

On the picture there are two types of trains an old one and a new modern train. It is fun doing the ‘Keep on Track’ project and I really like it. Kamil

My picture is all about the Galway train travelling to Dublin and also the time it took to reach Dublin from Galway. I had fun drawing it because it gave us time to draw what we wanted. I wrote no time to look back because I drew a clock so I thought it made sense. I definitely had fun. Oliver

My picture is about a new train that travels from Galway to Dublin and stops off at all of the other stations too. I like doing this project because it is about trains and stations. Aaron

My picture is about one of the new trains. I drew a new train because I think they look cool. I enjoyed drawing the trains because I think trains are a great form of transport. The train I drew is going from Galway to Hueston. Seán    

My picture  is an old steam train that is on its way to Dublin. I enjoyed drawing it and it took me just over a day. “Keep on Track” is written in train tracks and bubble writing. The steam train is very detailed and the train tracks are supposed to be what they were like back in the times of the steam engine trains.  Alex 

I like doing art like colouring and painting, thats why I liked doing my picture for ‘Keep on Track’. My picture is about a van going around about in County Galway. William

My picture is about Galway because the track is in the shape of Galway and there are small trains at the bottom and there are people around the place. John

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