English – Essay ‘A Train Journey’

For this essay the class discussed the options and formulated a plan, after drawing a spider web each child was given time to write a paragraph and then had to pass the copy on to the next child so they could continue the story. The following is what they came up with it:

Barack Obama was going on holidays in Portugal until he saw the weather report. There was crazy storms, so he decided not to go to Portugal. His two daughters were crying because they couldn’t go to Portugal and telling them that they would go the following year wasn’t going to stop the tears. Obama knew the crying and whining wasn’t going to stop until they went on holidays somewhere. He decided the best place to go was a small country with good enough weather and a place he could stay incognito…..Ireland! He asked the Secret Service whether or not they should go or if it would be safe. They said it would be the perfect place to go on holidays without much hassle. They then told him that they had been to Ireland before and that the Guinness there was better than anywhere else in the world. Obama liked Guinness but never had any from Ireland, so that settled the deal and off they went on holiday.

Barack Obama came to Ireland on his plane Air Force One. Before he arrived twenty nine planes came to carry his helicopters, cars and security. Air Force One landed at Baldonnel with Obama, his wife, his two daughters and his dog. He came to Ireland for twenty four hours but he had to go to England after only 12 hours in Ireland because of the ash cloud from Iceland. In his limo there is five inch thick glass and a bag of his blood incase of blood loss. The limo was so heavy that on the way into Leinster House it dropped and hit a lump of iron and everyone thought it was a bomb. They stayed in Leinster House for about an hour. They then went to a hotel, a five star hotel. One of the F.B.I. agents came to the counter and got a room for a day. There were two F.B.I. agents with Obama so one stayed down stairs and the other went with Barack Obama his family and their dog. After leaving all their stuff in their room they went outside. Obama couldn’t wait to drink some Irish Guinness so they went to the bar. Obama told the F.B.I. agent what he wanted and then the agent went to order it, one pint of Guinness, two apple juices and some food. The F.B.I. agent started arguing, it was about the dog food. Once finished they all went to the train station.

At the train station Barack Obama wanted to make a speech but all the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. agents were telling him he shouldn’t. It was not safe but he still made a speech. The speech was about why he was on the train, because his car had broken down and he had no other way to get around. While Obama was on the train one of his agents kept ordering Guinness, eventually when he was drunk the agent gave out to Obama. Obama asked another agent to throw the drunk man off the train and so he did. Then Obama got hungry and ordered Supermacs. This meant the driver had to stop the train so he was able to get his Supermacs Meal.

Obama got back on the train at 1:30p.m. There was no one else on the carriage. They were alone in carriage A, which was First Class. Both of Obama’s daughters started complaining that they were bored because there was no one else in their carriage. He gave them toys so they could play fetch with the dog. He also gave them a couple of treats for when their dog was good or if the dog got hungry. Both of his children were having great fun playing with the dog and said that it was the best holiday they had ever been on.

When Obama got on the train they had decided that they would let people from other carriages enter Obama’s. He had a very interesting conversation with a man named Joe. They talked about all Irish things and after that Obama sat down and took a sip of his drink. He then chatted to more people. A lot of people recommended that he try more Irish Guinness so he decided after the train ride that he would go down  to the pub and get a pint of Guinness. He and his wife were having a chat and the children were playing around in the carriage.

They were all having great fun, talking and joking until the ticket inspector came into Barack’s carriage.  Barack had no ticket.  The ticket inspector was not happy, he said Obama would be thrown off the train if he didn’t buy a ticket.  One of the F.B.I. agents pushed the ticket inspector over and ordered that he be fired and never let work again.  So the man was taken off the train at the next stop and he was left there.

After they had some fun Barack’s dog went missing. Barack Obama got worried because the dog was for his daughters.  The F.B.I. and C.I.A. searched the whole train, but they couldn’t find the dog.  Then his daughters started to cry.  Obama told them not to worry, we’ll find the dog.  After a few minutes they got tired of looking for the dog, so they took a break.  After their break, they went back and looked for the him again.  But they still could not find the dog.  They stopped looking for the dog and thought it must have died of hunger and thirst.

After a while Obama sent the C.I.A. to stop the train because he decided to keep on looking for the missing dog.  The C.I.A. managed to make the driver stop the train.  The C.I.A. and F.B.I. searched for the dog again.  They checked the whole carriage and the toilets, there was no sign of the dog.  Barack Obama’s daughters were now really really worried.  Obama decided to stop searching and he left a bowl of the dog’s favourite food and treats and the dog’s favourite toy.  The F.B.I. stopped looking, but the C.I. A. didn’t.

The Gardaί found out about the dog so they asked Barack Obama to put up a ransom of 2 million dollars.  If the dog shows up that person will get 2 million dollars straight for the dog.  After a few hours the C.I.A. and F.B.I. got off the train and saw the dog in the far cart, so they went after the dog.  Barack and the Gardaί gave the person 2 million dollars in his hand, so the person gave the dog back.  Barack Obama’s daughters were happy to see the dog again.

Barack Obama walks away with his dog.  Two F.B.I. agents guarded Barack.  Barack was due to do an interview with the Irish Press.  Barack gave the dog to his two daughters to bring back to the hotel.  Barack walked up to the press conference and just as he was about to speak, one of the journalists pointed out that one of the F.B.I. agents glasses were missing.  They didn’t know what to do.  They abandoned the press conference.  They started looking everywhere but after a few days they abandoned the search.

Obama went back onto the train.  Then he got a video message from the most wanted terrorist Lama Lin Ladan, also known as Triple L.  She said she had suicide bombers on the train.  Obama and his agents were terrified.  They called the U.S. army.  Soon millions of the U.S. army helicopters were above them.  They stopped the train and the helicopters dropped the soldiers onto the train.  The soldiers came into the train and searched every person on the train.  They found two people with bombs strapped onto them and the Gardaί quickly arrested them.

The train driver was just driving the train.  One of the terrorists drugged the driver because he wanted to kill Obama.  One of the other train drivers arrived because the drugged driver had pressed a security button to warn the other drivers.  The other train driver threw the terrorists out of the window and into a forest.  The train was fine then the other train driver took over the train and he just put the drugged train driver in the toilet.

After that someone mysteriously came through the door, she wore a white suit and on her head was an army hat.  She started walking around the train until someone asked her who she was.  She didn’t answer. She looked at the person and walked away.  She heard some guards coming, she went quickly into another room, so the people wouldn’t see her.  The guards were looking at a broken window.  Then the other guard said, it was probably a branch that hit the window and caused it to break.  The two guards agreed and cleaned up the glass that was on the ground and walked away.  No one saw the mysterious person that came through the door then disappeared.

While Triple L was on the train in disguise, the C.I.A. were looking around for the dog which had gone missing.  Triple L was smart, she could remain hidden and still communicate with Barack Obama.  Triple L was Hilary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton the former President.  She had stolen the dog when they weren’t watching.  It was coming close to Roscommon territory.  The train company they discovered Triple L was Hilary Clinton in disguise.

The train company contacted Barack Obama about Triple L.  Obama told the C.I.A. but it was too late.  Hilary A.K.A. Triple L had hijacked the train and locked the carriage.  They tried to knock the door down, but it was made of very strong steel. One of Obama’s men suddenly noticed that the train was heading towards enemy territory, Roscommon.  Now Obama was really worried.  His support jet planes and soldiers all turned back because it was too dangerous.  His two daughters started crying and fainted.  Obama could see angry mobs with guns, pitchforks and molotov cocktails ahead.  His wife was crying.  The train stopped in Roscommon.  The agents got into the control panel carriage, but some vital parts were missing.  The mobs reached the train and started damaging it.  Triple L was hiding in a cupboard.  One of Obama’s agents started whining because he had lost his glasses and thought he was going to die.  Obama got very worried and then heard a “woof”.

The C.I.A.  agent listened for another woof but none came.  He looked around but he couldn’t see anything.  Barack Obama started to get really angry at the C.I.A. agent.  The agent apologised, he went back trying to help the President.  Every now and again he would glance around, looking for the glasses.  They tried to get the door  open so they could get the train moving again.  Then they heard another woof. They looked in the luggage compartment and out jumped Wiki the dog wearing the agents glasses.  The C.I.A. agent was delighted.  He took the glasses off the dog.  He gave the dog a doggy treat. Then he put his glasses on.

Triple L gave Barack Obama a drink and then Triple L goes to the bathroom, Obama switches the drinks.  Obama laughed in Triple L’s face, Triple L feels dizzy and when she gets up from her chair, she falls around the place and goes to the toilet.  She gets sick and it was smelly.  Obama went into the toilet to get Triple L out of the bathroom and then they had another few drinks.  Then Triple L poisoned him and then he fell asleep.

Then the C.I.A. and F.B.I.  came into action.  They first arrested  Triple L.  Now the F.B.I. would try and calm down the really angry mobs, while the C.I.A. tried to open the other carriage to move the train out of Roscommon,  Triple L territory.  Then all of a sudden a pitchfork goes flying through the window and out through the other window and hits an angry person in the foot.  Barack Obama tells Triple L  to tell the mobs to go home.  Triple L does what he says because the agent with the sunglasses is  holding a gun to Triple L’s head.  Triple L  stands at the window and says to her mobs to surrender.  All the mobs surrendered and the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. locked Triple L in the girls toilet.  The C.I.A. got the door open and the train started to move again.

Then the train moved at it’s regular speed.  After that I could really use a cup of tea said Obama.  No problem said the agent with the sunglasses and he rang for the waiter to bring Obama a cup of tea.  Five minutes later the waiter arrived with the tea for Obama and he was happy. One hour later the train arrived in Athenry and he got off safely.

There was a Hummer Limousine waiting for him at Athenry station and he got on the motorway and went to Dublin Airport.  Then he went into the Cafe and got a cup of coffee to keep him awake for the long journey.  While he was having his coffee, Obama looked out the window and saw his plane arriving.  Then he ran onto the plane.  After 10 hours he arrived in Washington and there was a car there for him .  When he reached Washington DC there were alot of people there and he said a nice speech about Ireland and talked about the Irish sports and then he went into the Whitehouse and goes to bed.

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